Beto Braga
Beto Braga
  Beto Braga


Image director, videographer, image editor, visual effects composer, modeler and 3D animator; and image finisher.
Carlos Roberto Braga Penha, artistically kown as Beto Braga, began in 1987 in the advertising area. He started as a videographer and soon after, as an image editor.

In 1989, he participated in the construction and implantation of the studio and edition station of ETEC (Technical School of Communication), the Brazil's first advertising school to have it's own studio and edition station available to it's students. Beto Braga took over the coordination of the studio and followed as a tutor of practical classes in the studio and school's edition station.

Along with the direction of the advertising school ETEC, collaborated with the creation of CPR propaganda, the in house school agency. CPR Propaganda started producing only advertising pieces for the school itself: Newspaper and magazine ads, and TV commercials. The agency quickly grew and began working with other customers.

Then the agency opened its doors to it's students and a complementary work of education was initiated. The students studied and worked professionally as well, attending real clients, within the same structure. It was a pioneering work, which opened doors to other institutions of vocational education in the area of ​​communication.
  Beto Braga  

In 1991, he began to work in 2D animation for the advertising market as a freelancer. In 1992, Beto Braga entered the academic career as professor of RTVC (Radio, TV and Cinema). Having the pleasure of educating and training hundreds of students in the advertising field. In parallel, continuing working as cameraman and editor, collaborated with several video production agencies, realizing diverse independent TV programs and TV commercials.


In 1995, he founded Daimons Graphics Animation Produções LTDA.
Beto Braga glimpsed in technological development the feasibility of implementing the production of digital animations in Brazil. At a time when the subject had had hardly even being discussed, he developed one of the first Brazilian companies in 3D computer graphics. The goal was to attend a needy market for creativity and quality in the finalization of its products, like: Commercial signatures, program openings, institutional campaigns and digital characters.


Meanwhile, Beto Braga also started his career as image director for broadcasting.
His option of remain as a freelancer enabled diversification and innovation to your portfolio. He had the opportunity to work with a vast amount of video production agencies, TV stations, international channels and large events.

In 2000, he started a partnership with PH Castanheira, producer of the television network Rede Globo, the  and artistic director in the entertainment area. This partnership has resulted in dozens of projects, shows, DVDs, video clips and even a feature film project in animation.
  Beto Braga   Beto Braga participated in the live broadcast of many important events: Coca-Cola VibeZone, Volvo Ocean Race, Megarampa. In 2010, he participated in the broadcast of the World Urban Forum 5, organized and convened by UN-HABITAT, and had broadcast live from Copacabana, the announcing of the victory of Rio de Janeiro as an Olympic city for 2016.  

In 2013, he had the honor of being responsible for the direction of the image and master control of the worldwide broadcast of the visit of Pope Francisco in Rio de Janeiro (WYD Rio 2013 - World Youth Day). This event took 6 days, in the beach of Copacabana, transmitted to the whole world and received about 2 million people.

For more than 10 years (until 2015), he was also in charge of the shows in the main stage of the biggest tourist event in Brazil: New Year's Eve in Copacabana.
  Beto Braga  
  Beto Braga  

Beto Braga's years of performance at these major events included the performance direction of several renowned artists such as Alcione, Annita, Cláudia Leitte, David Guetta, Daniel, Diogo Nogueira and Ivete Sangalo.

Today, Beto Braga continues to serve the market in its areas of activity, however, with a greater focus on its copyright projects that are under development. Always looking for new challenges.